Commercial & Residential

Pride Excavating stands apart because of our ability to handle a range of small and large projects.We are licensed and bonded to give us the ability to take on government and commercial projects. But still have the detail oriented focus to create unique custom landscaping, rock walls, and water features. We have completed a variety of projects ranging from simple landscaping, entire multiple housing developments, to large commercial excavation projects.


Electrical & Mechanical Utility Construction and Relocation, Environmental Assessments and Remediation, Roads & Runways, Underground Infrastructure, Roadway Sub-grading & Land Leveling and Building Foundations.

Pride Safety

PRIDE EXCAVATING understands and maintains safe work sites and implements safety training for all crew members.

We believe that all work site injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents are preventable. Our number one commitment is to maintain the health and well being of the public and our crews.

We are committed to providing a safe, injury-free work site. Our team is continually focused on the safety of our work sites. On all jobs, our commitment to safety is constantly communicated to every level of our organization.

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